PHOTO CREDITS: © Jeffrey Yukelson 
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Touring & Events

    The SL NITRO 510 range delivered seamless, camera quality lighting coverage, with versatile color and effects for this major meeting of global marketing professionals.


     The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery conference, by Network Marketing Pro, drew 11,000 people to the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Lighting designer Lew Aronoff of equipment supplier Show and Design Group (SDG) was tasked with lighting the 144,000 sq.ft venue.


    “As the conference was being filmed, one of the key requirements was to create an even, video quality wash of light over the entire audience,” said Aronoff. “The wash had to be bright - a minimum level of of 100 foot candles throughout, and with seamless transition from the stage lighting to the audience lighting. It also called for colored lighting over the audience.”


    To achieve all of this, Aronoff chose SL Nitro 510 white light LED wash/strobe fixtures along with the SL Nitro 510C, the RGBW colored model. He said, “With the low ceiling height, the compact SL Nitro range was a great choice. The consistent color temperature and the 120-degree beam spread made this the only fixture for the job. Used in Expanded mode, with separate control over the six zones on the face of the unit, they also provided great eye candy for the cameras.”


    Commenting on the overall performance of the fixtures, Aronoff said, “The SL Nitros reduced the event’s power consumption and proved to be a great, cost-effective solution to lighting such a large audience area. The light output, the smooth dimmer curves and evenness of the field were amazing.”


    Martin Palmer, Showline Product Manager EMEA said, “SL Nitro range is ideal for applications requiring this kind of strong, wide area lighting, but with effects capability. They are compact, bright, energy efficient, consistent in their performance and, with the advanced color and effects control available from the 510C, they offer creative options to meet a wide variety of needs. We are delighted to be providing quality lighting solutions to events such as this.”

    Go Pro Image 1 – Photo credits: Jeffrey Yukelson
    Go Pro Image 2 – Photo credits: Jeffrey Yukelson
    Go Pro Image 1 – Photo credits: Jeffrey Yukelson