Live Design International (LDI) is the leading tradeshow and conference for lighting and design professionals from all around the globe.


    At this year’s event in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Signify shared expertise and insights in the pre-conference masterclass and training sessions hosted by Bobby Harrell, showcased key new fixtures for touring, stage, TV, event and architectural applications, and offered a behind-closed-doors preview of the latest in-development prototypes and stunning new technology innovations.


    Visitors to booth 1215 enjoyed an open stand experience where they could interact with the fixtures including the award winning VL6000 Beam, and enjoy tailor-made demos with expert product specialists.


    The booth’s rig, floor, and ladders were crammed with lighting fixtures including new Vari-Lite VL1100 LED and VLZ range running a stunning lighting sequence controlled by NEO Console systems programmed to show sophisticated integrated displays. 


    It was the first time that these lights, including TV and studio fixtures, have been exhibited together in the US. Last year, the VL6000 Beam, was a concept in the demo room. This year, the market-leading mid-air effects fixture took pride of place in the booth, receiving an immense reception. The VL6000 Beam ultimately went on to win PLSN’s “Best New Beam Fixture 2017” award – recognition that the VL6000 Beam sets a new standard in its class.


    Being at the forefront of innovation, Signify were keen to share some of their very latest lighting technology. A select number of LDI visitors were invited to preview a collection of up-and-coming products that Signify have been developing in a demo studio away from the booth. 


    Invitees appreciated the chance to witness such advanced technology in an intimate setting. Both the success of the demo studio and ingenuity of the products inside, highlighted Signify’s investment in R&D, further boosting its technology credentials and showing great confidence to the rest of the market.


    “The technology is mind-boggling and unique to Signify,” explained industry expert Alan Luxford. “The technology behind it is stunning – everyone who saw it agrees.” 


    The VL1100 LED “Take the challenge” test also garnered significant attention. Signify are so confident that this fixture is the only true tungsten to LED profile solution for theatre, visitors were invited to prove them wrong. Both lights shone on a large flower vase and visitors had to guess which was tungsten and which was LED. The test proved that the new LED technology not only matched the output of its halogen equivalent, the crisp and clear quality of the light far exceeded it.


    Following the days’ activities, attendees also witnessed the VL6000 Beam in action at the LDI Live Outside evening event, which featured the brilliant Las Vegas-based rapper Mike Xavier and others. Guests enjoyed scintillating displays from both the performers and the array of fixtures on the packed rig on each of the outdoor stages, providing a truly memorable night in Las Vegas.

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