The Vari-Lite VLZ WASH's high-output LED light engine and an identical CMY-CTO color system produces stunning colors. The dual fixed color wheel with linear control gives access to Vari-Lite colors and split color combinations.


    Color shake and color wheel spin control have also been added for more dynamic color effects. All of this is bundled into a luminaire that produces a staggering 25,000 lumens projected from a large 155 mm (6 in) lens. The enhanced fan control system allows users to choose one of four fan levels to match the output they require for a show remotely from a console.


    • 25,000 lumen output
    • 155 mm (6 in) large aperture wash lens.  
    • Multi-mode fan control - adjust settings to control fan noise. Offers a low dB experience across all frequencies, eliminating buzzing or hums from an otherwise quiet device. Mode options include standard, studio, and whisper mode.
    • Camera friendly - separate frequency and gamma control of LED array.
    •  Wide zoom range.
    • 16-bit dimmer control with 4 selectable curves.  
    • Full Color mixing and Color effects CYM + CTO 2 color wheels total of 12 fixed color shake and wheel spin functions.  
    • Beam shaping control masking barndoor system with 4 blades frame rotation ±50 degree either side of center and separate lenticular lens.   
    • Beam edge control, from beam to Fresnel.  
    • Fast, accurate and repeatable movement on all functions.

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