The VL600 Acclaim Cyc luminaire delivers smooth even cyclorama lighting in a compact lightweight design. Using just 145 watts of power to illuminate drops up to 5 meters high, each unit can replace the equivalent of a traditional 4 color 500-watt luminaire. With true asymmetrical patented reflector technology and an RGBL color mixing system, The VL600 Acclaim Cyc offers homogenized, fully mixed color light output across a wide area with no multiple color shadows.


    The VL600 Acclaim Cyc Luminaire offers a simple spacing system and multiple mounting options, and it may be used for top or bottom lighting with units spaced on 1.2 meter (4ft) from the cyclorama @ 1.4 meter (4.5ft) centers for optimum performance and value.


    The VL600 Acclaim Cyc is available in black or white.


    • 500W/650W-equivalent LED cyclorama – cost-effective cyc luminaire of 145 W with a smooth even field for cycloramas up to 5m / 16ft high
    • Patented asymmetric reflector – a smooth even field for cycloramas up to 5m / 16ft high
    • Simple spacing system – 1.2m - 4ft from cyc surface 1.4m / 4.5ft on center spacing
    • Multiple mounting options – Designed for top or floor mounting with kick stand yoke
    • Custom LED light source and RGBL color mixing system –Homogenized fully mixed color output light, no multiple color shadows. Consistent output and color mixing with the entire VL600 Acclaim Series
    • Multiple fan/noise control modes and options – Get the perfect balance of output and sound for every moment.
    • Available in black or white – the perfect body color for your application

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