The VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot offers high output and full color mixing in a single, cost-effective 500W / 650W-equivalent fixture designed for precision key lighting and gobo projection. With a built-in manual zoom and focus and a four-blade manual shutter system, the VL600 Zoomspot is the perfect choice for small to medium-sized schools, theatres, and houses of worship.

    The manual shutter system and integrated 25° to 50° manual zoom and focus on the VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot gives superior control to shape and focus the light. This provides precise adjustment of the flat, even beam to key light performers or highlight parts of the set. With the optional angle-adjusting gobo holder, designers can project depth and texture on the stage using industry-standard size B metal gobos. And for applications with a shorter trim height, the integrated adjustable yoke allows the fixture to be hung closer to the suspension position.


    The VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot is available in black or white.




    • 500W/650W-equivalent LED zoomspot – cost-effective all-in-one profile
    • Integrated 25° to 50° manual zoom and focus – precise beam sizing and edge softness control
    • Four-blade manual shutter system – superior control to position the light only where you need it
    • Optional angle-adjusting size B metal gobo holder – add depth and texture using industry-standard gobos. Easily adjust gobo holder to get your gobo at the perfect angle.
    • Integrated manual focus – achieve a perfect, clear gobo or a nice soft edge
    • Adjustable yoke – mount fixture where you want it even when headroom is limited
    • Custom LED light source and RGBL color mixing system – consistent output and color mixing with the entire VL600 Series
    • Available in black or white – the perfect body color for your application

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