The Aurora Strip 12 is a high output 12-cell theatrical strip luminaire that provides rich color mixing for multiple applications around the performance stage, including set piece illumination, graze / cyc lighting, foot lighting, and more. The Aurora Strip is suitable for theatres, houses of worship, and TV and film studios. The RGBALC (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime & Cyan) color mixing system on the Aurora Strip offers a wide mixable color spectrum, but it can be easily controlled with traditional CYM controls using the SmartColor Control system.


    The Aurora Strip is also available in a 4-cell version.


    • High output LED Strip - modern theatrical strip with quality you can trust
    • High CRI RGBALC Color System with SmartColor Control - wide range of vivid color options that can be programmed using CYM
    • Independent color mixing and temperature controls - match color palette to color temperature without manual adjustment for simpler programming
    • Pixel control of each cell - easily create split colors or gradients
    • Fanless design - perfect for use in quiet environments
    • Adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates - camera friendly fixtures for IMAG, event recordings, or TV & film applications
    • Adjustable beam angle - optional lens accessory kit offers wider and shaped beams

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