FLX S24


    The FLX S24 Console is a 24 fader lighting control surface that brings the legacy and power of our consoles in an easy-to-use package at an affordable price. A lighting design-centric console built for the non-designer, the FLX S24 allows any user to quickly create beautiful looks in less time, and is the perfect console for schools, houses of worship, broadcast studios, and portable applications.


    Built on the award-winning ZerOS software, the FLX S24 includes an intuitive, user-friendly interface with a 7” multitouch screen, four physical encoders and seven dedicated physical buttons for easy operation. The ZerOS software makes it easy to design the perfect look, with multiple color selection options and intuitive moving head fixture control. To ensure users can get the job done without getting lost, ZerOS includes an on-board Guidance tool and quick select Z button.


    The FLX S24 Console supports 48 fixtures and offers up to 1024 channels of DMX control connected via the two 5-pin DMX ports or Ethernet based DMX. To simplify patching and monitoring of connected luminaires, the ZerOS software includes exclusive RigSync technology, for a seamless experience with less effort.


    Note: Not all order codes are available in certain regions. Please contact your local Vari-Lite Dealer or Representative.


    • Cost effective 24 fader console with support for 1024 channels of control
    • Award-winning ZerOS software – mature, easy-to-use software you can trust
    • Simple “three-step programming” – Select what you want, where you want to control them, and how you want them to look
    • 7” Multitouch screen - easily adjust colors, moving lights, and other settings
    • 4 physical encoders and 7 dedicated buttons for go, record, delete, etc. – faster and more intuitive control, particularly in a live environment
    • Image picker for control selection – upload a photo and select different colors in one or more spots in the image to add color variation and depth
    • Multicell fixture support – control all pixels in a multiple pixel fixture as easily as single-cell fixtures without intensity conflicts. Easily apply color gradients and dynamic effects

    • Mood Boards by LEE Filters – quickly select the perfect color palette for your mood
    • Onscreen Guidance tool – never get lost thanks to situationally aware, but unintrusive on-screen tips and advice in English, Spanish, French, and German
    • Exclusive Z button for quick access to important tools – easily perform common actions anywhere in the console
    • 2 x 5-Pin DMX ports and support for Ethernet protocols such as sACN, Art-Net, CITP, OSC, Vision.Net etc. – versatile network and physical connectivity options
    • Up to 64 universes of DMX connectivity – control all the fixtures in your rig and patch them however you want to organize them
    • RigSync – simplify commissioning and management thanks to exclusive technology that finds fixtures using RDM, automatically patches them, then continually monitors the system and adapts to changes

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