ZerOS is the operating system for FLX and FLX S consoles, along with ZerOS Server. Included with ZerOS is a fixture library featuring a wide range of Vari-Lite and third-party luminaires. This comprehensive library includes details about colours on fixed wheels, gobo images and position information enabling ZerOS consoles to present a unified set of controls, regardless of the fixture being controlled.


    To support ZerOS, there are a number of supporting software tools available as well.



    Phantom ZerOS is an offline editor for the ZerOS consoles and provides full desk functionality from a standard Windows PC. Show files can be loaded from USB, manipulated using the standard desk controls and then re-saved as required. With the purchase of an unlock dongle, Phantom ZerOS can also be unlocked as a tracking backup solution to the main desk.



    ZerOS Remote enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows from your smart phone or tablet. It's especially useful during a focus session. The Apple Watch app acts as a quick, easy, and safe focus remote, providing access to channels and groups with tools such as highlight and RemDim.



    ZerOS Monitor connects to any Zero 88 lighting console running ZerOS, and emulates an additional external touchscreen monitor, but wirelessly through your tablet or laptop over WiFi.

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