Our NEO CONSOLE allows the ability to seize light; to grab, move, change position, color and motivate the lighting design simply and effectively. The NEO Console is the closest that a designer can get to actually touching the light; encompassing the dreams and aspirations of both professionals and amateurs alike. ​

    NEO SOFTWARE provides an expandable control system, catering for the needs and requirements of our most demanding customers. The scalability of the system allows the user to grow and take advantage of the LED revolution with an intuitive and flexible software base. NEO Software can be fully integrated  into the system, allowing seamless control of both production and architectural lighting.​


    Visit our Console Users Facebook Group for questions about using the NEO Series lighting consoles. Call 1.800.478.7263 or email for advanced technical support.


    • 100 universes of DMX
    • Touchscreen capable interface
    • Unlimited cues, cue lists, groups, palettes, effects and macros
    • Tracking, cue only and hybrid tracking programing
    • Flexible shortcut system
    • Generic palettes
    • Time line effects
    • Multi-User control user security system (login)
    • Timed events with sunrise / sunset
    • Motorized A/B Playback Faders
    • 5 Motorized Multi-Function Faders
    • Dual Motorized Grand Masters
    • Individually Controlled Backlit Keys
    • 4 Indented Push Encoders
    • Color LCD Screens for Encoder Assignment
    • Keyboard drawer with storage with USB
    • Touchscreen capable interface

    Product Summary, Documentation and Downloads