NEO PC


    NEO PC allows all the same functionality from the powerful NEO software to output from your own PC whether you use the optional USB to DMX Cable or an existing DMX Ethernet network. Icons and Shutter controls are represented graphically on the display, saving time and presenting meaningful data to the operator. Floating windows allow the operator to configure their views their way, making it easier to find information. Effects are revolutionized, with “Time Line” features, allowing drag and drop to create that perfectly timed sequence.


    Visit our Console Users Facebook Group for questions about using the NEO Series lighting consoles. Call 1.800.478.7263 or email for advanced technical support.


    • 100 Universes of DMX
    • Virtual Submasters
    • Virtual A/B Playback Faders
    • Virtual Multi-Function Faders
    • Virtual Grand Masters
    • Touchscreen capable interface
    • Unlimited Cues, Cue Lists, Groups, Palettes, Effects, and Macros
    • Tracking, Cue Only and Hybrid Tracking Programming
    • Flexible Shortcut System
    • Generic Palettes
    • Time Line Effects
    • Pixel Mapping
    • Media Playback
    • Multi-User
    • Tracking Backup
    • User security system (login)
    • Timed Events with sunrise/sunset
    • Telnet Interface
    • Android / iOS Remotes
    • Visual Timecode Editor

    Product Summary, Documentation and Downloads