RIGSWITCH 24 (230V)


    RigSwitch 24 is a 24-channel remote controlled power switching solution suitable for any size venue, utilising a broad portfolio of power management technologies. RigSwitch is available in RCD or RCBO options with a choice of user control interfaces. With individual relays rated for up to 32A operation, RigSwitch can cater for even the most power hungry user.

    The feed through relays provide outstanding features & performance in a truly competitive package. Each circuit is rated for up to 32 amps and is designed to switch heavy loads of all types, including resistive, inductive & capacitive. Circuits are protected by neutral disconnect MCBs as standard. Optional RCDs break the incoming supply if a fault is detected. Upgrade circuits to RCBOs to limit inconvenience tripping to individual circuits rather than the whole unit.

    RigSwitch is ideal for switching power for today's modern entertainment lighting systems, including moving lights, LEDs, amplifiers, specials and video equipment.