The Acclaim LED Profile Light Engine, Warm White (PLE WW) brings the innovation that made Acclaim ellipsoidals an industry standard for a generation in a fixed white 3200k LED light engine that works with our PLT and SPX lenses. This 500W / 650W-equivalent profile light engine is perfect for Front of House positions where color is not needed in small to medium theatres, houses of worship, and education environments. With exceptional output with consistent color mixing to the Acclaim LED Zoomspot, it is designed for applications where a longer throw or wider spread is needed. Because the Acclaim LED PLE WW works with the industry-standard PLT and SPX lens systems, the wide range of beam angles available ensures there is lens for any application. With the onboard four-blade manual shutter system, the Acclaim PLE WW offers superior control to shape the light how you want it. Thanks to the optional size B metal gobo holder, designers can project depth and texture on stage, using the angle adjustment and manual focus to get the look just right. For applications where a low trim height is a challenge, the adjustable yoke allows the fixture to be positioned closer to the suspension point to give more headroom. The Acclaim LED PLE WW and the color mixing Acclaim LED PLE RGBL are both available in black or white.



    • 500W/650W-equivalent LED profile engine – cost-effective profile from the original name in theatrical lighting
    • Supports SPX lens system – works perfectly with industry-standard lens system with a wide range of available beam angles
    • Four-blade manual shutter system – superior control to position light exactly where you need it
    • Optional angle-adjusting size B metal gobo holder – add depth and texture using industry-standard gobos. Easily adjust gobo angle within holder to get the perfect look
    • Integrated manual focus – achieve a perfect, clear gobo or a nice soft edge
    • Adjustable yoke – mount fixture where you want it even when headroom is limited
    • Available in black or white – the perfect body color for your application

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