Using a combination of LED source technology and a uniquely shaped asymmetrical reflector, it delivers consistent light distribution without the need for inefficient vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.

    A compact lightweight design using only 120W to illuminate drops up to five meters high with 1.2 meter spacing centers. Each LED PLCYC1 MKII can replace the equivalent of a traditional 4-color tungsten 500W cyc luminaire, reducing your energy, transportation and set-up costs.


    • Delivers the performance of a 500W cyclight with a maximum power consumption of 140W
    • Homogenized fully mixed color output light, no multiple color shadows
    • Asymmetrical beam distribution for lighting cycloramas up to 5m (16’) high
    • Integral dimmer (0-100%) reduces intensity with minimal color shift maintaining the selected color balance
    • Quick selection of warm white, cool white, and daylight
    • Color presets simplifies matching other light sources
    • Simple spacing system
    • Kick stand yoke for top or floor mounting
    • DMX512-A / RDM input/output with 8 or 16-bit resolution and a simple 5-channel control
    • RDM for easy setup

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