Zero 88


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    The Solution and Solution XL are comprehensive multi-purpose lighting consoles, running the powerful ZerOS operating software.


    Solution and Solution XL provide simple clear progressions, from basic two preset generic control through to moving light and LED control. Hands on control with dedicated playback faders and channel faders, combine with a powerful theatre stack to enable any type of show.


    The flexible front panel includes both playbacks and live control options, to allow the Solution consoles to be adapted to multipurpose venues where the requirements change daily. From simple moving light patching to powerful offset effects, the Solution and Solution XL have been designed with flexibility at their core.


    Featuring ZerOS software, the Solution consoles offer powerful adjustment of complex effects, multiple tracking playbacks, and adjustable user preferences to enable full professional programming options. Advanced palette references, tracking updates, and remote tracking backup options mean you can rely on the Solution consoles to grow as your requirements do.


    Designed to be easy to understand, yet adaptable enough to cope with even the largest lighting systems, Solution consoles make controlling your entire system as easy as turning on your house lights.


    Solution and Solution XL consoles were manufactured from 2011-2021.


    Solution XL


    5537500 42w 4 pin XLR PSU  
    4905000 CR2032 3v Coin Cell Battery  
    1214599 DMX o/p PCB Assembly Kit - PCB Ref: 7043  
    1214699 Submasters PCB Assembly Kit - PCB Ref: 8067  
    1214799 Main LCD PCB Assembly Kit - PCB Ref: 8068  
    1214899 Masters PCB Assembly Kit - PCB Ref: 8096  
    1214999 Fixtures PCB Assembly Kit - PCB Ref: 8070  
    1215199 Preset PCB - PCB Ref: 7786  
    1198399 Wheel Assemblies  
    5442000 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Wide) - Black/White  
    5445000 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Wide) - Black/Red  
    5367000 21mm Push on Knob  
    5396000 21mm Cap Black White Line  
    1722-000006-00 60mm Fader - short tang (MFFs)  
    4407300 10k Pot Lin  
    5355100 Black Button No LED  
    6050-000011-00 Black Button Red LED  
    5355300 Black Button Yellow LED  
    3947000 Finger Bezel  
    3948000 Thumb Bezel  
    5356500 Keyboard Switch  
    5355500 Red Button  
    5355600 White Button  
    9199500 Solution enclosure. Plus carton  
    9199600 Solution XL enclosure. Plus carton  

    ETX + Contron PCB Kit




    0020-000016-00 ZerOS Wing (with USB connection, feet & brackets)  
      SMPTE/MIDI/Remote/CAN PCB upgrade