VL1600 PROFILE


    For a wide color range and maximum flexibility, the Vari-Lite VL1600 PROFILE combines a high-definition tunable white LED source with CMY color mixing. The tunable white engine lets designers can achieve warm and cool light from a single luminaire without sacrificing output or CRI, along with a wide range of colors from subtle pastels to bold saturated colors. The VL1600 PROFILE includes the innovative Vari*frost system, giving designers a truly seamless graduated frost that diffuses the entire aperture at one time. This effect can be controlled remotely from the console and doesn’t require you to change glass or add filters. To simplify startup and minimize movement in the rig, the patented reduced-movement calibration system in the VL1600 PROFILE calibrates pan and tilt on the fixture while only requiring it to move to 50/50 home position during the process. Fixtures are calibrated in less time, with less lasting effect or potential for damage to the rig or hanging scenery.


    • Precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre and studio – ideal moving head fixture for precision key lighting and special effects in the most demanding of productions.
    • CMY color mixing and fast-change fixed color wheel – A wide color spectrum mixing both pastel and saturated colors matched to existing Vari-Lite fixtures.
    • Tunable White LED Source – achieve cold and warm looks from the same fixture with consistently high CRI.
    • Vari*frost variable frost system  – Smooth frost adjustable from edge softening to full wash diffusion without adding filters or changing glass.
    • Four frame shutter system with near-the-optics positioning – precise framing and focus.
    • Exclusive VL*FX animation wheel designed for theatre – updated animation wheel designed to replicate natural lighting effects such as fire, water, and earth tones.
    • V*Track Calibration* System – Size and power with none of the unwanted movement. Limit movement during calibration and reduce start up time. Reduce risk of the fixture hitting set objects or shaking the rig.
    • Adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates – camera friendly fixtures for IMAG or televised events.
    • Multi-mode fan control including standard, studio, whisper, and fanless silent modes – adjust settings to control fan noise. Offers a low dB experience across all frequencies, eliminating buzzing or hums from an otherwise quiet device.
    • Rotating gobo wheel, zoom, and iris – professional features designed for theatrical lighting. Multiple visual options for a variety of uses.
    • Nose cone accessory mounting options – easily add additional filters or other accessories as desired.
    • Size and weight to be comparable to VL2600 PROFILEworks easily in rigs using VL2600.


    *Patent pending

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