The VL800 EVENTWASH is mid-sized LED wash moving head fixture that is extremely compact and powerful. This fast-moving wash is built with the DNA of Vari-Lite, offering full RGBW color mixing and 7 individually controllable LEDs for easy split colors or pixel mapping applications. With controllable dimming and motorized zoom, this fixture moves and feels like a Vari-Lite, providing valuable features in a cost-effective mid-sized moving head.



    • Compact, high output LED event wash moving head built by Vari-Lite - powerful mid-sized wash from a brand you trust.
    • Full RGBW color mixing - variable color mixing with saturation control, offering numerous vivid and creative color options
    • Signature Vari-Lite smooth movement - moves smoothly and cleanly like you expect from a Vari-Lite luminaire
    • Quiet-running motorized zoom - remote beam angle control with zoom that’s quiet when running
    • Smooth Vari-Lite dimming with selectable dimming curve - match the dimming curve of the rest of your rig
    • Seven individually controllable LEDs - numerous creative visual looks with pixel mapping capabilities
    • Adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates - camera friendly fixtures for IMAG or live televised events

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