Vari-Lite luminaires and lighting control products offer creating architainment and production solutions for a variety of public and performance spaces within modern cruise ships.

    Multiple, connected spaces

    Architainment, theatrical, & production lighting

    Multipurpose venues with changing moods

    Divisible public spaces & independent control

    Constantly shifting crews & novice users

    Self-contained system maintained on site


    Small Sanctuary Light Plot
    • Lobbies – get atmospheric looks or host small performances in public spaces, with moods that shift automatically throughout the day or can be adjusted a button press.
    • Bars and Restaurants – have a fun family-friendly mood in the day, then get ready for the nightlife automatically—with space for a musical performance where you need it
    • Retail and Leisure – whether you’re looking to up the energy or just want a chill vibe, get the perfect lighting for casinos, stores, and clubs.
    • Automated Theatres – anyone can run preprogrammed productions with minimal training using the automated lighting equipment in these show-ready spaces.
    • Performance Theatres – be ready for any theatrical or musical event with an adaptable professional-quality lighting solution designed for multipurpose performance venues.
    • Pool Deck – hype the excitement in outdoor spaces, ensuring the party goes on no matter the weather.
    • Ship-wide Control – manage the lighting for the entire ship from anywhere with distributed control of timed events, emergency response, and maintenance.



    Cruise ships, particularly their multipurpose spaces, offer limited room for entertainment lighting. Adding a bit of performance lighting to a lobby, restaurant, or similar space typically means restricted mounting positions. Luminaires and controls need to be small enough to fit unobtrusively into corners, while being powerful enough to light small events.
    An integrated lighting system from Vari-Lite provides the power and flexibility for entertainment lighting where you need it, with the compact VL600 and VL800 luminaires and rack mountable FLX S24 consoles that can be mounted out of the way.
    The crew on a cruise ship is constantly rotating, with novice users coming aboard all the time and little time to train on all the various ship systems. Lighting in the space should be very user friendly, allowing changes to happen automatically or at a simple button press.
    Vari-Lite’s intuitive control options make it easy for any user to quickly get the look they need, from the user-friendly FLX S Series consoles to the powerful Neo X Series. Simple touch-based adjustments and automatic scheduled events are also possible thanks to the Vision.Net architectural control system.
    The pool deck on a cruise ship brings the party outdoors. These multifunctional spaces are host to parties, concerts, any number of other events. Lighting needs to be able to deliver high energy looks without being impacted by the harsh weather at sea.
    Vari-Lite offers several powerful IP rated luminaires, perfect to amp up the excitement in any outdoor space, from fixed luminaires like Vari-Lite's Image Projecting IP Profile and SL Punchlite 220 to moving heads like the VL3600 Profile IP.
    The power on a cruise ship is limited and is often not that stable or “clean.” To minimize impart on the rest of the grid, luminaires and lighting controls need to be as energy-conscious as possible while still delivering great performance.
    Vari-Lite’s energy-efficient LED luminaires have maximum output with less power usage, while emergency solutions like the Phase Loss Sense Panel ensure the system works properly even when the power isn’t stable.
    Lighting on a cruise ship is, by design, a permanent installation that are often hard to get to. There is generally no motorized rigging, along with little-to-no capability for on-site maintenance. Entertainment lighting solutions, therefore, need to be reliable and designed for easy repair.
    Vari-Lite has been one of the most trusted names in entertainment lighting for over 40 years. Our products and solutions maximize reusability, serviceability, and upgradeability, for a more reliable, longer-lasting product.



    VL3600 Profile IP - large-scale, high output production profile fixture designed to withstand inclement weather.
    VL1600 Profile - precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre and studio.
    VL800 Series – family of compact fixed and moving luminaires for events of any size.
    IP Image Projecting Profile – IP-rated full color leko-style outdoor profile perfect for image projection or framing.
    VL600 Acclaim Series – family of cost-effective, high output theatrical luminaires including zoomspot, profile, Fresnel, and cyc fixtures.
    SL PunchLite 220 – high output IP-rated PAR with honeycomb lens and motorized zoom.