The Vision.Net Gateway is an expandable network gateway for the Vision.Net network. In addition to initiating timed events in your lighting system, the Vision.Net Gateway is expandable with two modules that add additional connectivity to your system without additional power or cabling. And because the Vision.Net Gateway is DIN rail mountable, integrators can easily install it in a variety of locations.


    For simple control of the lighting system from a PC, tablet, or phone, the Vision.Net Gateway also offers the Gateway On-the-Go Interface for mobile-friendly web control. Users can connect to the Vision.Net Gateway from a web browser and access an HTML-based interface that can be easily designed using Designer for Vision.Net software. To streamline network commissioning of Vision.Net devices, the Gateway includes an onboard DHCP server that automates IP addressing.




    • Astronomical Clock & NTP Server - coordinate events between Vision.Net devices
    • Optional Vision.Net Interface Module - connect hardwired Vision.Net devices to the Vision.Net network without connecting to a touchscreen or similar Vision.Net device
    • Optional 4-Port DMX Interface Module - control DMX/RDM-controlled luminaires from Vision.Net
    • Gateway On-the-Go Interface - connect a PC, tablet, or phone to control your Vision.Net system from a web browser
    • Simplified Protocol Conversion - stream and convert DMX-over-Ethernet protocols 
    • Universe-level Data Management. 8 layers of priority – field customized traffic prioritization for all control methods in the system.
    • DIN Rail Mounting - easily install in a variety of locations
    • DHCP Server - removes the worry of network addressing by automating IP address assignment
    • LAN Connectivity - future proofed platform for additional network-based functionality and services

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