Vision.Net Control Stations provide button or slider-based control of house and entertainment lighting within the facility, with the ability to recall scenes, as well as adjust brightness, control, and more. Each station offers individual control of up to 16 sliders or up to 35 buttons. Combinations of sliders and buttons can be configured as well. A single gang faceplate can have up to 8 buttons or 3 sliders (with a Grand Master).



    • All station buttons and faders are fully programmable
    • All stations include integrated processors and may operate as stand-alone systems
    • Station set up and configuration is simple
    • Configuration software can upload and download station set-up data
    • Commands include (but are not limited to): Raise/lower; Preset;  Toggle on/off; Smart commands allow multiple system commands to be executed from a single button press
    • All keypads feature programmable backlighting
    • Custom-configurable button and slider stations

    Product Summary, Documentation and Downloads