Vari-Lite luminaires and lighting control products offer creating architainment and production solutions for a variety of public and performance spaces within modern stadiums and arenas.

    Large venues with lots of
    ambient light

    Connected spaces with central area
    of play

    Production, architainment,
    and studio lighting

    Atmosphere of excitement
    and fun

    Multiuse spaces for
    concerts and other events

    Outdoor, indoor, or both


    Small Sanctuary Light Plot
    • Playing Field – the place where the magic happens, whether it’s a pitch, field, or court. Amp up the excitement for games and performances alike with high powered entertainment lighting that ensures the fun goes on no matter the weather.
    • Lobbies – where guests get their first impression. Get energetic looks in these public spaces with moods that shift automatically.
    • Bars, Restaurants, and Retail – whether guests are looking for a bite to eat, the perfect souvenir, or just a break before, after, or even during the game, dining and retail spaces can be dynamic and engaging, fitting any mood.
    • Studio Spaces – commentators need a space to discuss the game on camera. Stadiums and arenas need excellent light quality in these spaces for natural skin tones.
    • Patios and Outdoor Spaces – these outdoor entertainment spaces are great places for guests to gather before the doors open for a game or concert. Get weather-resistant lighting to amp the mood and host small music acts.
    • Venue-wide Control – manage the lighting for the entire venue from anywhere with distributed control of timed events, emergency response, and maintenance.



    When it’s game time, there is nothing like the feeling of an amped up crowd cheering for their favorite team. Lighting in a stadium or arena should enhance the mood.
    With wide color spectrums and a broad range of onboard effects, entertainment lighting from Vari-Lite offers the tools to create dynamic, engaging sports entertainment experiences fans will remember.
    Between high ceilings and a preponderance of lights and LED signage in a modern stadium or arena, making an impact can be difficult. Entertainment lighting needs a way to cut through the ambient light over long throw distances.
    The top-quality optical systems on luminaires like the VL3600 Series, VL10 Series, and VL2600 SE Series ensure your entertainment lighting offers the high output and quality of light modern stadiums and arenas need.
    Branding is a major part of the design for any modern stadium or arena. Whether it’s
    the logo of the team or paid sponsors, these venues need to project onto the playing area without permanently altering the look.
    The customizable glass gobos and high output of the VL3600 Series and VL10 Series allow facilities to easily project crisp logos onto the field, offering a branding and revenue-generating opportunity.
    For stadiums, the field is open to the weather, and even arenas may have some entertainment spaces, such as outdoor patios, that are exposed to the elements. Lighting for these spaces should deliver high energy looks without being impacted by water sprays or dust.
    Vari-Lite offers several powerful IP rated luminaires, perfect to increase excitement in any outdoor space, from moving heads like the VL3600 Series to fixed luminaires like the IP Image Projecting Profile Series and Punchlite Series.
    There is generally no motorized rigging in stadiums and arenas, and with ongoing schedules, there is often little-to-no opportunity for extended maintenance during the season. Entertainment lighting solutions, therefore, need to be reliable and designed for easy repair.
    Vari-Lite has been one of the most trusted names in entertainment lighting for over 40 years. Our products and solutions maximize reusability, serviceability, and upgradeability, for a more reliable, longer-lasting product.


    Small Sanctuary Block Diagram


    VL3600 Profile IP - large-scale, high output production profile fixture designed to withstand inclement weather.
    VL10 Series – high output effects luminaire with features that bring punch to any event.
    VL2600 SE Series – family of high output workhorse fixturesperfect size and output for indoor arena spaces.
    VL1600 Profile - precision high-output profile luminaire with excellent light quality for media studios.
    IP Image Projecting Profile – waterproof projector perfect for image projection (gobo) and creative light framing (shutters) in architectural lighting.
    SL PunchLite 220 – high output IP-rated PAR with honeycomb lens and motorized zoom.
    VL800 Series – family of compact event luminaires for indoor or outdoor themed/architainment applications.
    VL600 Acclaim Series – family of fixed-position luminaires perfect for media studios.