An integrated Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution can facilitate the needs of a multipurpose small education performance space, including class, extracurricular, and community activities.

    Multipurpose space

    100 - 300 seats

    Often doubles as cafeteria, gym, etc.

    Primary / secondary education or “black box”

    Performances, assemblies, speakers, and more

    Run by teachers or volunteers



    Small school theatrical spaces are some of the most diversely used in education. Throughout the year students, faculty, and the public gather in school auditoriums for different types of assemblies and performances.
    An integrated Vari-Lite lighting system can provide a complete end-to-end solution to illuminate the variety of events that occur in a small auditorium or mixed-use theatrical venue.
    Small school theatres need predominantly functional lighting—the goal being basic illumination of whatever is on stage—and yet they need the quality and flexibility to accommodate the various events that occur in the space.
    VL600 Acclaim Series fixtures provide the flexibility and feature set needed to
    illuminate any space, with exceptional output and consistent colors.
    The controls need to be intuitive enough that a staff member or student with minimal training can operate them, but flexible enough to quickly change what is illuminated effortlessly to suit the type of event.
    To control the space during a performance, the FLX S Series offers designer-friendly features in an interface perfect for the novice user.
    Often serving as mixed-use spaces that double as a cafeteria, gymnasium, or other gathering space, the small auditorium in an education environment needs to be able to adapt to different uses without a lot of complexity.
    For everyday events, the Vision.Net Touchscreen is as comfortable as your personal tablet. Room lighting can be simply turned on and off, stage lighting looks can be  recalled, and basic adjustments made effortlessly with the push of your finger.



    VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot (x 8) - full color profile with integrated manual zoom and focus.


    VL600 Acclaim PLE WW (x 12) - warm white profile engine for long throws or wide spread using PLT or SPX lens tubes.


    VL600 Acclaim Fresnel (x 6) - true full color theatrical Fresnel wash.

    Small Sanctuary Light Plot