Vari-Lite luminaires and control products allow houses of worship reach parishioners in medium-sized sanctuary spaces using both theatrical and production-style lighting.

    Dedicated service spaces

    750 – 1500 Seats

    Full-sized stage with multiple areas

    Projection, cameras, & satellite locations

    Concerts, holiday services, & special events

    Volunteer and professional operators



    Midsized houses of worship have lighting needs that range as widely as the needs of their parishioners, and typically require some combination of architectural, event, and full production-style lighting.
    With the broadest range of luminaires and controls in entertainment lighting, Vari-Lite has the perfect solution for your worship space.
    Lighting solutions in these spaces must offer the flexibility to address everything from weekly services to dramatic productions, concerts, speaking events, and more.
    Theatrical and production lighting solutions from Vari-Lite provides medium sanctuaries with flexible solutions that can be easily adjusted for any style of event.
    For holiday productions and other events, the lighting solutions in medium sanctuaries must be able to be adjusted or even expanded with rental fixtures with minimal adjustment.
    The wide variety of fixed position and moving head luminaires offer powerful capabilities at a variety of positions, while the modular power and IP control solutions over power and data where you need it.
    And because lighting systems are often controlled by volunteers, architectural lighting and show control must be capable and intuitive.
    Volunteers can easily control the lighting with intuitive consoles, while the touch-based Vision.Net architectural control allows anyone—even the worship pastor—to set stage and house lighting for services or events with minimal training.



    VL800 EventProfile (x 6) - compact LED event profile with professional-grade features.


    VL800 EventWash (x 6) - mid-sized full color LED wash with 7 individually controllable LEDs.


    VL800 EventPar, RGBA (x 6) - retro-style LED PAR.


    VL600 Acclaim PLE WW (x 18) – profile light engine with high output warm white source


    Aurora Strip 12 (x 8) - high output professional theatrical strip fixture with rich color mixing.