A Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution allows houses of worship reach parishioners in small sanctuary spaces using both theatrical and production-style lighting.  

    Multiuse spaces

    100 – 300 seats

    Smaller seating area & shallow stage

    Stage, house, architectural lighting

    Speaker & music during service

    Volunteer operators



    Because there are multiple different portions of a service, a small sanctuary must address a variety of lighting systems and needs. Stage, architectural, and house lighting is combined in a single multiuse space, and lighting can shift from live event lighting during the music to a more theatrical-style lighting for the rest of the service.
    Houses of worship can leverage cost-effective theatrical and event lighting from Vari-Lite to provide flexible solutions with feature sets targeted at small sanctuaries. With powerful, cost-effective luminaires for both event and theatrical lighting and a console designed to do both types of lighting well, a Vari-Lite lighting system delivers the perfect solution for small churches.
    In these smaller worship spaces, the fixtures are installed closer to the stage and the congregation, meaning the fixtures must be compact, with excellent output and wide enough throw angles to cover the entire stage despite shorter distances.
    VL600 and VL800 Series fixtures from Vari-Lite offer excellent output and features perfect for small houses of worship. The VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot can be adjusted from a narrow 25° to a wider 50°, providing the coverage you need, while the VL800 EventWash offers a compact moving wash with an automated zoom for stage wash or back lighting.
    Smaller sanctuaries often have lower roofs. This brings fixtures closer to the congregation. Because the fixtures are both visible and potentially audible to the parishioners, it’s important that they don’t distract from the message.
    To ensure our fixtures don’t become the focus of the service, we include an adjustable fan control, with multiple noise modes to meet the needs of any service. And to ensure the fixtures blend in with any architectural application, Vari-Lite luminaires are available in both black and white body styles.
    Because lighting systems are typically controlled by volunteer users in small sanctuaries, architectural lighting and show control must be capable and easy to use.
    The intuitive FLX S48 Console ensures anyone from a volunteer to the worship pastor can control the lighting with minimal training. And with the Vision.Net architectural control solution, users can control house and stage lighting effortlessly at the push of a button.



    VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot (x 12) - full color profile with integrated manual zoom and focus.


    VL600 Acclaim Fresnel (x 8) - true full color theatrical Fresnel wash.


    VL800 EventWash (x 8) - mid-sized full color LED wash with 7 individually controllable LEDs.


    VL600 Acclaim Cyc (x 12) - full color cyclorama fixture designed for small to medium-sized spaces.