An integrated Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution can facilitate the needs of a regional theatre or similar medium-sized theatrical performance space, including touring and in-house productions, as well as community activities.

    Professional theatrical

    300 – 2000 seats

    Community or regional

    Touring and in-house

    Traditional proscenium

    Professional and guest



    Medium-sized theatres are event spaces where the infrastructure must be ready for anything. These theatres play host to touring theatrical productions, local performances, and house events.
    An integrated Vari-Lite solution provides an adaptable visual experience for medium theatres, whether you are using the in-house fixtures, supplementing inventory, or bringing a full touring production rig.
    With challenges that change constantly, the lighting system must be adaptable. House lighting must be professional and multifunctional, and the power and data distribution system must be ready for fixture locations that change from production to production.
    Vari-Lite theatrical fixtures offer more flexibility with less fixtures, while our powerful Network Nodes ensure you have control where you need it.
    The theatre must offer touring productions existing common lighting positions for their rigs, with the ability to easily connect into distributed power and control, allowing the touring production to temporarily install their rig efficiently and then operate as if it were the house system.
    Network Nodes connect house or rental fixtures to the lighting console, whether that’s the house console or a guest controller. For house control, a Neo X5 lighting console offers advanced capabilities perfect for any theatrical application.
    For house events and rehearsals, the theatre must offer a simple way for non-professionals to control fixtures on stage without using the console.
    Vision.Net Touchscreens offer a simple way of controlling the entire system during rehearsals or smaller events. This ensures everyday use looks great without turning on the console.



    VL1600 Profile (x 8) - precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre and studio.


    VL800 EventWash (x 13) - mid-sized full color LED wash with 7 individually controllable LEDs.


    VL600 Acclaim PLE RGBL (x 16) – theatrical profile with excellent color production and output.


    VL600 Acclaim PLE WW (x 26) – theatrical profile with high output and fixed warm white source.


    Coda Cyc (x 7) – seamless coverage for your cyclorama with high CRI and split-color control.

    Small Sanctuary Light Plot