An integrated Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution can facilitate the needs of a small performance space or studio theatre, including productions and community events.

    Often occupy found or converted spaces

    100 - 300 seats

    Studio, community, fringe,
    or black box

    Small proscenium or theatre-in-the-round

    Limited gear and budget

    Professionals or volunteer



    Small theatres are often spaces that have been adapted to meet the needs of a theatre. Sometimes these spaces are constructed in the style of a black box, while others have a faux proscenium.
    An integrated Vari-Lite lighting system can provide a complete end-to-end solution to illuminate the variety of events that occur in a small or studio theatre.
    The lighting positions are typically fixed and available power and control distribution limited. They are designed in a cost-effective manner to maximize space and performance style flexibility using technology that is value orientated.
    VL600 and VL800 Series fixtures provide the flexibility and feature set needed to illuminate any type of performance, with exceptional output and consistent colors.
    Because community theatres often have strict time constraints and use packaged pricing, lighting designers must be highly creative with how they use the limited gear already on hand.
    To control the space, the FLX S Series offers designer-friendly features in an interface perfect for the novice user.
    Small theatre spaces can be used for a variety of different events. Beyond the productions performed in these spaces, small theatres are often rented out to various events run by operators of little to no experience. As such, lighting should be multifunctional and controls should be fast and easy.
    For everyday events, the Vision.Net Touchscreen is as comfortable as your personal tablet. Room lighting can be simply turned on and off, stage lighting looks can be recalled, and basic adjustments made effortlessly with the push of your finger.



    VL800 EventProfile (x 2) - compact LED event profile with professional-grade features.


    VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot (x 28) - full color profile with integrated manual zoom and focus.


    VL600 Acclaim Fresnel (x 6) - true full color theatrical Fresnel wash.


    VL600 Acclaim Cyc (x6) - full color cyclorama fixture designed for small to medium-sized spaces.

    Small Sanctuary Light Plot