The Vision.Net RS232 & USB Module is a control interface module featuring one RS232 connection and one USB interface. This device communicates via RS232 strings with AV control systems, building management systems, alarm systems, and more, receiving commands, providing status updates and/or triggering actions within third-party systems. With the onboard USB port, system integrators can program the system, update firmware, and make other changes during commissioning or maintenance. This UL listed and plenum rated device can be DIN rail or surface mounted anywhere in the system, simplifying design and commissioning.



    • RS232 Interface – connect to 3rd party RS232 devices, including AV control systems and building management systems
    • USB Interface – connect to Vision.Net via USB for commissioning and maintenance
    • 35mm DIN Rail mounting – easy to install either to Vision.Net or off-the-shelf DIN rail mounting materials
    • UL listed and plenum rated – safe and secure operation

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