The Vision.Net 4-Port Digital I/O Module is a digital input/output (I/O) control device. The Digital I/O Module offers up to four discrete digital control inputs, four open collector outputs, and four dry contact relay closures. This device accepts single-command 3rd party signals originating from occupancy sensors, IR room combine sensors, vacancy sensors, door and window sensors, access card readers, alarm systems, AV control systems, and building management systems to trigger commands in Vision.Net. The 4-port I/O will also act as an intermediary device accepting 3rd party digital input signals and mirroring to the dry contact outputs to signal other downstream 3rd party contact closure devices.


    As well, the 4-port I/O can send digital output signals from Vision.Net to provide status updates or trigger actions within third-party systems. You can even send signals to environmental air systems, window shades, projection screens, A/C dampeners and many other devices. This UL listed and plenum rated device can be DIN rail or surface mounted anywhere in the system, simplifying design and commissioning.


    • 4 digital inputs – connect to 3rd party sensors and external systems, including AV control systems and building management systems, to trigger Vision.Net
    • 4 digital outputs – use Vision.Net to send system status updates or trigger responses in external systems, such as AV control systems and building management systems
    • 4 dry contact relay closures – control window shades, projection screens, A/C dampeners, or other environmental systems
    • 35mm DIN rail mounting – easy to install either to Vision.Net or off-the-shelf DIN rail mounting materials
    • UL listed and plenum rated – safe and secure operation

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