The Vision.Net 4-Way Splitter Module provides 1x4 splitting of a Vision.Net hardwire (RS485) control signal to Vision.Net keypads, control stations, touchscreens, and other Vision.Net components. This UL listed and plenum rated 4-way splitter can be DIN rail or surface mounted anywhere in the system, for easy delivery of power and data up to 1,000’ from the splitter.


    • 1x 4 hardwired Vision.Net control signal splitting – Minimize failure points by reducing the amounting of wiring and daisy chaining in a system design
    • Connect devices up to 1000’ away – longer distances on a single cable run
    • 35mm DIN rail mounting – easy to install either to Vision.Net or off-the-shelf DIN rail mounting materials
    • UL listed and plenum rated – safe and secure operation

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