An integrated Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution can facilitate the needs of a school theatre or similar medium-sized education performance space, including class, extracurricular, and community activities.

    Dedicated space for productions / presentations

    300 – 2000 seats

    Focused on teaching

    Secondary or higher education

    Plays, music performance, speakers, and more

    Run by teachers, students, or volunteers



    Medium education performance spaces are dedicated auditoriums built to easily facilitate varying types of productions. The lighting system in these spaces should have the capabilities to ensure the students shine on or off stage.
    Vari-Lite offers an end-to-end solution for productions in a mid-sized education space, making it easy to get the perfect look. For nonperformance use, Vision.Net and  Button Stations offer a simple way of controlling the entire system without the need for a full-featured console.
    From the technical perspective, the theatrical lighting system in a mid-sized school theatre requires a quality lighting solution that is cost-effective, scalable and fully featured, providing the maximum impact on a limited budget.
    To provide adaptable and easy-to-use lighting for education theatres, Vari-Lite’s luminaires and control solutions offer a robust feature set at an affordable price, ensuring the students can learn in a fun and semi-professional environment.
    Medium-sized school theatres are all about balance, designed to entertain in a teaching environment. This enables students to learn and build creative and technical confidence while having fun, fostering the education of technical and creative performance art.
    VL1600 Profile and VL600 Acclaim Series fixtures introduce students to the full breadth of different types of theatrical luminaires. Adding a Neo X5 lighting console makes it easy for young techs to improve their skills, balancing professional capabilities with a simple, intuitive interface.
    Schools need to maximize return on investment, so the lighting system should been easily maintained so that it works over an extended period. This allows instructors to educate students on the fundamentals of how to operate the technology correctly and safely for years.
    For everyday events, the Vision.Net Touchscreen is as comfortable as your personal tablet. Room lighting can be simply turned on and off, stage lighting looks can be recalled, and basic adjustments made effortlessly with the push of your finger.



    VL1600 Profile (x 4) - precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre and studio.


    VL600 Acclaim Zoomspot (x 12) - full color profile with integrated manual zoom and focus.


    VL600 Acclaim PLE WW (x 18) - warm white profile engine for long throws or wide spread using PLT or SPX lens tubes.


    VL600 Acclaim Fresnel (x 9) - true full color theatrical Fresnel wash.


    VL600 Acclaim Cyc (x 6) - full color cyclorama fixture designed for small to medium-sized spaces.

    Small Sanctuary Light Plot