Powerful luminaires and control solutions from Vari-Lite allow large houses of worship reach parishioners using a mix of both theatrical and production-style lighting.

    Central meeting space in facility

    1500+ Seats

    Wide stage, balconies, &
    large seating areas

    Atmospheric projection &
    architectural lighting

    Weekly broadcast / streaming

    Professional operators



    Large sanctuaries require architectural and performance lighting with professional
    quality and features, as well as the flexibility to address everything from weekly
    services to dramatic productions, concerts, speaking events, and more.
    An integrated solution from Vari-Lite provides houses of worship with flexible  sanctuary lighting that can be easily adjusted for any style of event.
    In addition to theatrical and effects lighting, large sanctuaries often use lighted scenic elements such as video walls and environmental projection systems, so the lighting must have the output to be visible in an environment where technology can create a lot of ambient light.
    The excellent output and premium features in Vari-Lite’s Broadway and West End Series theatrical fixtures, VL1600 Profile theatrical moving head, and VL800 EventWash ensure you have the right look for every moment, no matter what else is happening on stage.
    Thanks to the variety of concerts, holiday services, and other special events in the sanctuary, most of which are streamed alongside the weekly services, lighting needs to be camera ready, with the ability to mount fixtures in more locations.
    With our network-based control distribution solutions, fixtures can be mounted  wherever you need, while the excellent light quality and a wide color range in our  luminaires ensures everyone  is seen clearly on stage and  on screen.
    While professional operators may run the lighting during the weekly services, smaller events and rehearsals are often operated by volunteers or church staff, meaning the control solution should be powerful yet intuitive.
    The advanced features of the powerful Neo X15 Console give the look you need to your services and events, while the intuitive Vision.Net control system allows novice users to run stage and house lighting with minimal effort.



    VL1600 Profile (x 12) - precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre, studio and houses of worship.


    VL2600 Profile (x18) - high output workhorse moving profile with broad color palette and wide range of effects.


    VL5LED Wash (x 10) – moving wash with high CRI, wide color spectrum, and adjustable diffusion.


    Leko® LED Profile, Full Color (x 12) – professional-grade theatrical profile with wide color
    spectrum and high CRI.


    Leko® LED Profile, TWW (x 12) – professional profile with high CRI and tunable cold or warm white source options.


    Cantata LED Fresnel FC (x 12) – professional LED wash with wide color spectrum and high CRI.


    VL800 Propar (x24) - LED event PAR with high output, motorized zoom, and RGBW color mixing.


    Coda LED Cyc (x 12) – seamless coverage for your cyclorama with high CRI and split-color control.