To learn more about Vari-Lite's holistic solution for large sanctuary houses of worship, check out our application brief.


    Large sanctuaries require architectural and performance lighting with professional quality and features, as well as the flexibility to address everything from weekly services to dramatic productions, concerts, speaking events, and more. In addition to theatrical and effects lighting, large sanctuaries often use a variety of lighted scenic elements, such as video walls and environmental projection systems, so the lighting must have the output to be visible in an environment where technology can create a lot of ambient light. Due to the scale of large sanctuary lighting systems, the ability to use the network to distribute control information is key, while the combination of professional and volunteer operators requires a control solution that is powerful yet intuitive.
    Large sanctuary challenge


    An integrated solution from Vari-Lite provides houses of worship with flexible sanctuary lighting that can be easily adjusted for any style of event. With a wide variety of high output fixed position and moving head luminaires, large sanctuaries can leverage the powerful capabilities and premium quality of light that the brands are known for. With our network-based control distribution solutions, operators can use the powerful NEO Console and the intuitive Vision.Net control system to run stage and architectural lighting with better success and less effort.


    Small Sanctuary Block Diagram


    Medium Sanctuary Light Plot