Performing arts centers, national theatres, and other large theatrical spaces can benefit from an integrated Vari-Lite entertainment lighting solution, providing the perfect venue for the world's top touring and in-house productions.

    High end theatrical space

    1000+ seats

    National theatres and
    professional performance

    Large touring and in-house

    Balconies, box seating, and
    orchestra pits

    Professional lighting
    designers and operators



    Large theatres are home to some of the top performances in the world, and the lighting should be just as high quality. With a focus on perfect reproduction of skin tone, costumes, and set pieces, white and colored light must be excellent.
    With our lighting solutions, large theatres can bring an adaptable visual experience perfect for any production. From Broadway and West End Series luminaires to the VL1600 Profile and VL5LED Wash moving heads, Vari-Lite fixtures offer beautiful color rending and professional features.
    The sophisticated productions in these spaces often use rental fixtures, but the facility needs a quality house system as well. As such, the system should have the power and data distribution capabilities to handle both the in-house and rental equipment.
    With our customizable power control solutions, large theatres can meet the needs of a variety of fixtures. For more control in more locations in the venue, Networking Nodes can connect your entire solution sACN or Art-Net, ensuring you have control where you need it—with less cost.
    To meet the varied requirements of productions and events in these spaces, large theatres need a diverse set of theatrical fixtures along with full featured moving head luminaires that can be used to bring effects and illuminate many different areas of the stage during a production.
    Vari-Lite’s Broadway and West End Series provide more capabilities from less fixtures, increasing versatility, while the VL1600 Profile’s Vari*frost variable frost and VL*FX theatrical animation wheel deliver the perfect look for every moment.
    Productions in a large theatre are designed and run by professionals who need the ability to deliver the perfect look every time. To do this, the lighting console should have capabilities that open up creative opportunities for any theatrical, musical, or other event.
    The Neo X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship, high-performance lighting console designed for large facilities, and helps designers find the perfect look in less time with an advanced effects engine that supports pixel mapping, media playback, timelines, and more.



    VL1600 Profile (x 16) - precision high-output profile luminaire designed for theatre and studio.


    VL5LED Wash (x 15) – moving wash with high CRI, wide color spectrum, and adjustable diffusion.


    Leko® LED Profile, Full Color (x 18) – professional-grade theatrical profile with wide color
    spectrum and high CRI.


    Leko® LED Profile, TWW (x 32) – professional profile with high CRI and tunable cold or warm
    white source options.


    Cantata LED Fresnel, Full Color (x 15) – professional LED wash with wide color spectrum and high CRI.


    Coda LED Cyc (x 9) – seamless coverage for your cyclorama with high CRI and split-color control.


    Aurora LED Strip, 12 Cell (x 9) - high output professional theatrical strip fixture with rich color mixing.

    Small Sanctuary Light Plot